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Whatever YOU Need, We Can Make It!

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Saver Express Pharmacy specializes in non sterile custom compounding.  We make over 1,000 different formulations consisting of creams, ointments, gels, lotions, serums, solutions, capsules, puffers, and troches.  We have two compounding rooms, one for hazardous (hormones) and one for non hazardous medications in accordance with USP 800.

Saver Express Pharmacy communicates with individual patients in person, by phone, and text to ensure an understanding of the entire process, timing, and cost.  We also offer delivery services to the entire state of Mississippi if picking up your compound is inconvenient. 

Come see (and feel) the difference today of a quality made compound at an affordable price, right here in your backyard.  To receive some of our common formulations, pricing, and unique custom formulation inquiries, please email  

Compounding: Prescriptions
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