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Prescription Medication


Providing the Medications you Need

Saver Express Pharmacy is an independent retail pharmacy open to all patients!  Saver Express Pharmacy provides pharmaceutical services to cash paying and network subscribers (patients with prescription drug insurance) in accordance with the same standards for all plans and customers.

Certain network subscribers may carry a prescription drug plan that does NOT reimburse Saver Express Pharmacy the cost of the medication, the label, and the bottle in which the medication is dispensed.  When this happens, your medication will be run as a cash prescription.

We thank you for understanding that we must do this to keep our pharmacy open and continue to provide an alternative to big box pharmacies!

Question: For drugs that aren't covered or reimbursed by my prescription drug plan, is your cash price competitive?

Answer: Absolutely!  In fact, we always beat or strive to beat the cash price of all big box pharmacy chains.  We are happy to provide you with a cash price for any medication we carry or can source.

Question: So you're telling me my prescription drug plan doesn't always reimburse a pharmacy the cost of the medication?

Answer: That is exactly right!  Think of it in simple terms for a second.  Imagine going to to Starbucks and they sell "dispense" you a coffee that they lose anywhere from $1.00 to in excess of $30.00 dollars on.  The Starbucks manager would either be fired or the store would have to shut down.  

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Pricing Policy: Prescriptions
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