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Prescription Medication




Helpful information for healthcare providers:

  • We provide non-sterile compounding.  Each year we publish our "cash pay" price list of our most commonly made compounds.  If you'd like to receive this list, please email

  • Compounding prescription pads are provided by Saver Express Pharmacy.  If you need a custom prescription pad or patient sheets with directions to Saver Express Pharmacy, please email

  • Cash pay for certain drugs or drug availability, please call our pharmacy.  We have multiple sourcing for drugs and usually can find whatever you need us to stock.  

  • We can deliver both compounds and prescriptions to patients living or working at assisted living, nursing homes, businesses, schools, and individual residents.  This service allows Saver Express Pharmacy to reach patients not only in Madison and Ridgeland but all of central Mississippi.  

  • For specialty clinics, we understand that patients may travel in from further distances.  We offer next day UPS shipping to the ENTIRE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI!  Send us the patient compound and we will get it to their home anywhere in the state of Mississippi!

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