What We Do

15-Minute Refills/Overnight Ordering

Ready to crawl back in bed? We can have most of your prescriptions filled within 15 minutes of receipt. If we don't have it in stock, we'll get it the next day by noon. Talk about convenient.

Texting Service

Need a refill? Got a question? Just text us at 601-368-8907 and we'll respond ASAP. You can even send a photo of your prescription bottle to make things that much easier.

Residential Delivery

Live within 5 miles of our store? We'll be ringing your doorbell shortly.

Curbside Delivery

Got kids in your car? Don't want to spread your germs or get out in a torrential downpour? We have candy and flu masks and umbrellas--let us walk your prescriptions out to you.

Custom Packaging

Wish your medicines came to you already organized? We've got you covered. Saver Express can package your medications by day to keep you or a loved one on track.

Nordic Naturals

Needing more Omega-3s and DHA in your diet? (Hint: you probably do.) Nordic Naturals is the premier line of these supplements, and it's only available at independent pharmacies.

Union Springs Supplements

Need better sleep and a better memory naturally? We all do! That's why we carry Union Springs Luciplex and Noctoplex. Luciplex protects your brain cells (and can even reverse memory loss!), and Noctoplex puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep--all naturally.

Gluten-Free Vitamins

Feel like you can't achieve overall family wellness with allergies, GI complications, or diet restrictions? We've got you. Country Life offers a full line of gluten-free vitamins and supplements to keep you on track.