About Us


Daniel Rowland, Pharm D, Pharmacist in Charge

Daniel was born and raised in the foothills of the Delta in Charleston, MS. After a brief stint as an amateur air guitarist, he attended MS State University where he received a degree in Golf and Sports Turf Management. Shortly thereafter, he attended Reformed Theological Seminary where he met and married his wife Casey. After that, he made the logical move to pharmacy school. He received his Pharm D from the University of Tennessee in 2012 and moved back to Mississippi because it was home….and because his in-laws didn’t live there.

Daniel loves the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and growing things. As a matter of fact, the main reason he chose pharmacy (other than the fact that pharmacy is the obvious natural progression from turf management and seminary) is because pharmacy sounds the most like farming. His hope is to retire one day and spend his time chug-a-lug-luggin, 5 miles an hour on his International Harvester.

Daniel has three wonderful children who love to come by the pharmacy and hang out after school because they think their dad is un-believ-able, su-per cool, out-rag-eous, and a-maz-ing…..and because we have ice cream.

He hopes that one day they will follow in his footsteps and work at the pharmacy….because its hard to find people who will work for free.

Daniel’s passion in pharmacy is serving people and treating them well. He enjoys getting to know his patients and their needs, and hopes that they will see Saver Express as an extension of their family (the family that you like, not your crazy uncle Eddie).

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Tyler Jeter, PharmD

If Marvel Comics and Disney could have a child, it would be like our very own bad-to-the-bone, super hero princess pharmacist, Tyler. She does it all….Compassionate pharmacist, caring wife and loving mother to three beautiful children (Julia, Jack and Caroline). She grew up in Tupelo, MS, went to Mississippi State for her undergraduate degree and then earned her doctorate at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. When she isn’t saving the world, she enjoys the simple pleasures like exercising, reading a book or cooking. If you haven’t met this gem of a person, please come on by and get yourself a milkshake and a dose of Tyler. It’ll cure what ails ya for sure.

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Sonya Bradshaw, Pharmacy Technician

It’s difficult to find the words to describe Sonya. This force of nature is a hurricane of work ethic, toughness and compassion. Her ability to single-handedly run a pharmacy is amazing and would make a 5-star general jealous and Mother Teresa blush. Don’t let her youth fool you because this Yazoo City native has wisdom beyond her years. When she isn’t working hard at the pharmacy, she can be found chasing her “full of energy” son, Tre, hanging with her family, or wrestling her dogs out of the dryer (true story). If she ever wins the lottery, she will most likely move to the beach, travel to exotic locations and finally get some well-earned rest. Until then…we are just glad to call her “co-worker”.

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Marti Guest, Business Development

We are not real sure why Marti is here. She just showed up on our doorstep one day and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since. She grew up in Laurel, attended college at Ole Miss (we forgive her for that) and now resides in Madison with her patient husband and two fantastic sons. She is a jack of all trades having been a youth director, antiques dealer, broadcast journalist, pharmaceutical sales rep and now a business development manager for us. When she isn’t up at the pharmacy making milkshakes, un-jamming printers or being our loudest cheerleader, you will find her at home doing the latest DIY project and waiting for HGTV to call her about staring in her own show.

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Elizabeth May, Pharmacy Technician

New kid on the block, Elizabeth, is from Ridgeland but currently resides in Jackson. She has a myriad of talents that make her the perfect addition to our team. She has a green thumb with house plants (which fits well with Daniel’s turf management degree), she is obsessed with all things Disney (which fits well with our own super hero/princess Tyler), she loves live music (matching Sonya’s youthful spirit) and she laughs when things get crazy (usually when Marti is around). This coffee connoisseur and queen of the cacti is our new pharmacy technician and we are excited to have her on board.