About Us


Daniel Rowland, Pharm D, Pharmacist in Charge

Daniel was born and raised in the foothills of the Delta in Charleston, MS. After a brief stint as an amateur air guitarist, he attended MS State University where he received a degree in Golf and Sports Turf Management. Shortly thereafter, he attended Reformed Theological Seminary where he met and married his wife Casey. After that, he made the logical move to pharmacy school. He received his Pharm D from the University of Tennessee in 2012 and moved back to Mississippi because it was home….and because his in-laws didn’t live there.

Daniel loves the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and growing things. As a matter of fact, the main reason he chose pharmacy (other than the fact that pharmacy is the obvious natural progression from turf management and seminary) is because pharmacy sounds the most like farming. His hope is to retire one day and spend his time chug-a-lug-luggin, 5 miles an hour on his International Harvester.

Daniel has three wonderful children who love to come by the pharmacy and hang out after school because they think their dad is un-believ-able, su-per cool, out-rag-eous, and a-maz-ing…..and because we have ice cream.

He hopes that one day they will follow in his footsteps and work at the pharmacy….because its hard to find people who will work for free.

Daniel’s passion in pharmacy is serving people and treating them well. He enjoys getting to know his patients and their needs, and hopes that they will see Saver Express as an extension of their family (the family that you like, not your crazy uncle Eddie).

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Sonya Bradshaw, Pharmacy Technician

Sonya is our newest employee and a great addition to the SEP team. She comes all the way from the metropolis known as Yazoo. Whilst no relation to Terry, she is quite the armchair quarterback.

Sonya has 3 years of technician experience as well as having once stayed in a Holiday Inn Express.

Her hobbies include pit bull riding and shredding.


Niyah Spires, Pharmacy Technician

Niyah hails from Jackson, MS where she was a potential semi-pro basketball player. After high school she got her fashion design on at Southern Miss To the Top. Following graduation, she became a pharmacy technician and honed her mad tech skills so she could make sure her patients get their medications in a timely manner. There is no prescription to messy, and no insurance too stubborn to keep Niyah from her appointed rounds.

In her spare time, she enjoys shopping at Cracker Barrel and doing Lamaze.